ECMO Transport

The Solution for Moving Patients on ECMO

ECMO: Medical Innovation flown to your facility

For patients on ECMO, we provide the transport team and specialized equipment to transport patients from your facility to another facility.

We are unique in that we staff an ECMO-trained physician on board, as well as an ECMO specialist and the equipment necessary for carrying out the transport. Reasons for transport can include higher level of care, evaluation for transplant, or to move patients closer to family.

ECMO Transport boasts an experienced team working directly with you, your institution and the receiving facility to safely transport your ECMO patient. We can safely transport patients domestically or even internationally.

In collaboration with our CAMTS-accredited air carrier, ECMO Transport offers fixed-wing transport for any ECMO. Our transport services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We work with the air carriers to identify facilities that can place your ECMO patient. All it takes is one call to mobilize our team, ensuring the fastest response time to transport your ECMO patient safely and efficiently.

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Dr. DellaVolpe Breaks World Record with Life-Saving ECMO Flight

Dr. Jeffrey DellaVolpe and his team of clinicians finish 30-plus-hour critical care journey from Portland, Oregon, to the United Arab Emirates

What does ECMO stand for?

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Our Leading Physician

We are proud to introduce you to Dr. Jeffrey DellaVolpe, our leading ECMO Physician. He has served as a Flight Surgeon assigned to the 27th Special Operations Wing where he deployed twice in support of Operation Enduring Freedom – Trans Sahara. Dr. DellaVolpe has also worked for the San Antonio Military Medical Center where he served as a critical care physician and team leader with the 59th Medical Wing Critical Care Air Transport Team and Acute Lung Rescue Team.

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